This is my latest in a long line of decks, its a tweaked version of SD09. It is a semi swarm deck focusing on summoning "ultimate tyranno" or "Super Conductor Tyranno as soon as possible. it also has a possible OTK hidden in the cards. Any help will be appreciated. ~~RavingRodent~~

Personally, I wouldn't recommend Babycerasaurus, unless you played it with something that would increase your tributes at least two fold. The only combo he works well with is the Jurassic World & Volcanic Eruption, none of the other cards/spells/traps, will get his effect, except Torrential Tribute. Let's face it, if you're trying to swarm the field, with big dinos, you'll need alot of special summon monsters, (Babcerasaurus, with his effect, only gets 1 dinosaur monster, during the END Phase with Volcanic Eruption& Jurassic World Combo, Giving your opponent a chance to destroy that monster during your turn, and w/o any traps or spells to protect it, kinda a bad idea. In the event of Torrential Tribute, you still get one, and in all likelyness, that wont resolve your issue any better, since you'll need another special summon during your turn just to bring out your bigger dinos.) An Ultimate Offering Trap might be a better choice, since this would resolve this issue, but still, why bother with Babycerasaurus? Ultimate Offering would be great Advantage with Miracle Jurassic Egg, but what you're lacking is DRAW Power, which is crucial to swarm decks. Always, Pot of Greed is a great no cost, but also consider Graceful Charity. Yeah, you lose two cards, but a Swarm deck plays off it's graveyard fairly well, (especially with Fossil Excaution, premature buriel, or Call of the Haunted,) Plus, Consider two more fossil Digs with another Gilasuraus's, This makes a great first turn combo, since the likelyhood of an opponent having a powerful monster in their graveyard then is slim. Definately consider atleast one more fossil excaution, since Dino effects arent miracle saving effects in a duel, but their attack power is well worth it, **** ~~Rustyleeh~~

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