This deck lacks combos and it may fail miserably when opponent combo monsters take lead,

but one thing I am sure of is, that your monsters will beat your opponent's in terms of their strength.

Monster Cards
Gilasaurus                 X3
Sabersaurus                X3
Black Stego                X1
Hydrogeddon                X3
Hyper Hammerhead           X2
Dark Driceratops           X1
Ultimate Tyranno           X1
Super Conductor Tyranno    X1
Frostosaurus               X1

Spell Cards
Solidarity                 X3
Heavy Storm                X1
Fissure                    X1
Burden Of The Mighty       X2
Tail Swipe                 X1
Big Evolution Pill         X1
Mystical Space Typhoon     X1
Swords Of Reavealing Light X1
Fossil Dig                 X2
Lightning Vortex           X1

Trap Cards
Fossil Excavation          X1
Skill Drain                X2
Robbin' Goblin             X1
Sakuretsu Armor            X1
Call Of The Haunted        X1
Seven Tools Of The Bandit  X1
Torrential Tribute         X1
Widespread Ruin            X1
Dust Tornado               X1

Its simple, powerful and fun deck. Enjoy!

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