I just decided to try and create a deck that actually has a strategy.

nd here it is

Monsters 20

Red Eyes Darkness Metal dragon x3

Red Eyes Wyvern x2

Clear Vice Dragon

Twin headed behemoth

Decoy Dragon

Felgrand Dragon x2

Darkblaze Dragon x2

Tyrant Dragon x2

Spear Dragon

Luster Dragon x2

Vanguard of the Dragon

Horus the Blackflame Dragon Lv.6

Dark armed dragon

Spells 12

Mausoleum of the Emperor x2

Dragon Ravine

Lightning Vortex

Trade in

United We stand

Hand Destruction

Card Destruction

Future Fusion

Dark Hole

Foolish Burial

The Shallow Grave

Mist Body

Traps 7

Magic cylinder

bottomless Trap Hole x 2

Call of the Haunted

Solemn Judgement

Torrential Tribute

Mirror Force

Extra deck 1


The main idea of this deck is to swarm the field with powerful dragon.To swarm the field with dragon's is to use REDMD.The dragon lords are also usful for this deck because of their effects and attack power although Darkblaze Dragon must be sent to the graveyard to activate it's effect you can use vanguard of the dragon to send Darkblaze to the graveyard and summon it again with REDMD and in the process making vanguard gain 300 attack.Mist Body and Clear Vice Dragon can be a good combo to make Clear vice dragon indestructable,Almost.REW can be used with future fusion to summon f.g.d. and send 2 REDMD and 2 REW for REDmd to be summoned at the End of your phase.Decoy dragon can also summon the other dragons with its effect.Luster Dragon,Spear Dragon,Twin Headed Behemoth are othe high powered Dragons to Swarm the field with.This deck is a combo of the revival dragon lords,Swarm,Beatdown Deck.


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