So i started yugioh with the five dragons starter deck and then got the majestic red dragon tin. soon followed the warrior strike structer deck (i was young). decided to make a themed deck to actually be powerful and i made this. it has mainy dragons and warriors with afew spellcasters and other monsters for card combos.


galaxy-eyes photon dragon

alexandrite dragon x2

rescue rabbit x2

ninja grandmaster hanzo

gemini summoner

van'dalgyon the dark dragon lord

phoenix gearfried

elemental hero stratos

dark blade

spell striker

future samurai x2

spiral serpent


skull conductor

evocator chevalier

cyber dinosaur

junk synchron

speed warrior

ancient crimson ape

red-eyes darkness metal dragon

blue-eyes white dragon

majestic dragon

dark flare dragon

eclipse wyvern


rank up magic barians force

double summon x2

break! draw!

synchro boost

synchro blast wave

seal of orichalcos

burden of the mighty

the warrior returning ali[ve

monster reborn

monster reincarnation

reinforcement of the army

lightning vortex

dragon mirrors


sakuretsu armor x2

threatening roar

D.D.R different dimension reincarnation

scrap iron scarecrow

dark bribe

extra deck

5 headed dragon

red dragon archfiend

majestic red dragon

black bulldrago

colossal fighter

gaia knight force of earth

junk warrior

number 39: utopia

number C39: utopia ray

number C39: utopia ray v

leviair the sea dragon

havent tested yet but i believe it shall be OP. red-eyes darkness metal dragon and galaxy-eyes photon dragon especially.

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