ok i have made a deck that is possibly out there already idk though. the point of this deck is to get ur dragons to the grave to b able to use dragons mirror to summon them all ive also noticed tht using cretans spear is very productive in getting dragons out of the grave no matter the level however it wont b in this format. here is the list

red-eyes darkness metal dragon x1

kaibaman x3

blue-eyes white dragon x3

black luster soldier-envoy of the beginning x1

chaos sorcerer x1

armed dragon lv10 x3

armed dragon lv7 x3

armed dragon lv5 x3

armed dragon lv3 x3

dark armed dragon x1

red-eyes wyvern x3

alexandrite dragon x1 really any other dragon u want

eclipse wyvern x2

axe dragonute x1


dragon ravine x2

terraforming x2

dragons mirror x3

monster reborn x1

polymerization x1

reinforcement of the army x1

ancient rules x1 optional

level limit- area b x1 optional for staying alive if u cant summon

card destruction x1 use if u want to get rid of hand for btr draws also a faster way to use dragons mirror


magic cylinder x2

mirror force x2

extra deck

five headed dragon x2

blue eyes ultimate dragon x1

leviair the sea dragon x2 just to get monsters out of banishment

plz tell me if there is something tht can b improved to this deck in fact im pretty sure it can b improved

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