This is one of my decks that i use to play for fun.

'Monsters 'Spells

Alien Shocktrooper Brain Control

Ancient Gear Knight Giant Trunade

Armed Dragon LV5 Lighting Vortex

Copycat Pot of Greed

Cyber Dragon Premature Burial

Dark Resonator Smashing Ground

Decoy Dragon Soul Exchange

Double Coston Swords of Revealing Light

Felgrand Dragon

Infinity Dark Traps

Junk Synchron Bottomless Trap Hole

Kaiser Sea Horse Call of The Haunted

Krebons Cemetary Bomb

Magna Drago Defense Draw

Paladin of the Cursed Dragon Draining Shield

Phantom Dragonary Bronto Dust Tornado

Pitch-Black Warwolf Enchanted Javelin

Psychic Snail Magic Cylinder

The Calculator Magic Jammer

The Wicked Dreadroot Sakuretsu Armor

Synchro Monsters Shadow Spell

Junk Warrior Spellbinding Circle

Thought Ruler Archfiend

Red Dragon Archfiend

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