The Earth deck have one biggest way to play: he uses the brute force to play. This deck have EARTH Attribute, in the same deck, not have another attributes. Only earth. The chance of this deck win one duel is big, because all monster have ATK that ranging from 1600 to 1900. With the equip spell card Banner of courage (that give more attack to the monters thet i control) the battle phases will be more interesting. This deck contains few trap cards, because this traps will be used to defeat opponent direct attacks (like "Mirror Force") or special summon one monster of graveyard like "Call of the Haunted". This deck contains the field card "Gaia Power", it may give more powerfull attacks in the battle phase. This deck contains 2 most powerfull cards inside. That names is "Ancient Gear Golem", with this card you may break the your opponent defense and block activation of traps or spell cards. The second card is Ultimate Tyranno. With this cards you should attack all of your monsters in the field, and break the your opponent strategy! Both cards have 3000 ATK points.


I think that this deck need more powerfull monster attacks (counting direck attacks) to beat the opponent life points. How the deck contains Earth monsters, the strategy is so simple. If you have "Ultimate Offering" in the field, and pay 500 life points, you can special summon many monsters for your hand and win the duel with the ATK of your monsters. This deck haven't need some higher DEF monsters. Only "Gear Golem The Moving Fortress". With "Gold Sarcophagus", you may gain your favorite card in the second turn. With "Kelbek" you may return the card that battled of your monster. With "Exiled Force" you can destroy our opponent monters. And this is it.

Monsters Cards

Magic Cards

Trap Card


  1. This deck was be tested in the PSP game "Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 2", therefore never will be used in the real duel.
  2. This deck can be used linking another attributes. I never tested, but i think that can be used
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