Gameplay: Get "Mausoleum of the Emperor" Quickly onto the field, Terraforming will help you get it in your hand, Activate Field barrier if you have it. Summon the Strongest Earthbound in your hand (Maybe you want to summon a weaker one for their effect.) Then just eat away at your opponent's Life points. Use your Traps and Spells in this deck to prevent your opponent from destroying your field spell or Earthbound God.

This Deck Works Pretty Well, Although Any Good Deck will trash it.


Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu x1

Earthbound Immortal Ccrayhua x1

Earthbound Immortal Cusillu x1

Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua x1

Earthbound Immortal Ccpac Apu x1

Earthbound Immortal Uru x1

Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca x1


Terraforming x3

Earthbound Whirlwind x3

Mausoleum of the Emperor x3

Field Barrier x3

Earthbound Revival x3


Earthbound Wave x3

Offering to the Immortals x3

Dark Bribe x3

Trap Stun x3

Trap Jammer x3

Dark Illusion x3

Total: 40 cards

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