The Element Dragoon Deck consists of Elemental HERO monsters as well as Turbo Synchron, Stardust Dragon, and Majestic Star Dragon along with the Elemental HERO fusions. This Deck was made by Anthony Taylor from Yu-Gi-OH! Duelist Kings: Revelations of the Royal King arc. It was made after Anthony's father was king by Valtor and the Brotherhood of the Orichalcos.Anthony obtained Stardust Dragon from his friendas well as Majestic Star Dragon. Majestic Star Dragon and Elemental HERO Avian are his ace cards in his deck.

This Deck contains:


Elemental HERO Avian

Battle Fader x3

Elemental HERO Neos

Elemental HERO Heat

Elemental HERO Stratos

Elemental HERO Neos Alius

Elemental HERO Lady Heat

Elemental HERO Bladedge

Elemental HERO Woodsman

Elemental HERO Sparkman

Elemental HERO Wildheart

Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird

Turbo Synchron

Majestic Dragon

Elemental HERO Knopse

Elemental HERO Ice Edge

Lightpulsar Dragon


Enemy Controller

Emergency Provisions

Sword of the Deep-Seated

Fighting Spirit

United We Stand

Mystical Space Typhoon x3

Fusion Gate

Polymerization x3


Skycraper 2: Hero City

E-Emergency Call


R-Righteous Justice

Double Snare

Fifth Hope


Desperate Tag

Hero Barrier x3

Mirror Force

Negate Attack x3

Dark Bribe x2

Feather Wind x2

Curse Seal of Forbidden Spell

Extra Deck:

Elemental HERO Great Tornado

Elemental HERO Gaia

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero

Number 39: Utopia

Turbo Warrior

Stardust Dragon

Majestic Star Dragon

Dragon Knight: Draco Equiste

Elemental HERO Storm Neos

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