Monster Cards (33):

  • 1x Elemental Hero Avian
  • 1x Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
  • 1x Elemental Hero Clayman
  • 1x Elemental Hero Sparkman
  • 2x Archfiend of Gilfer
  • 2x Caius the Shadow Monarch
  • 2x Dark Ruler Ha Des
  • 1x Destiny Hero - Dasher
  • 2x Destiny Hero - Defender
  • 2x Destiny Hero - Double Dude
  • 2x Destiny Hero - Fear Monger
  • 1x Elemental Hero Bladedge
  • 1x Elemental Hero Bubbleman
  • 1x Elemental Hero Necroshade
  • 2x Elemental Hero Ocean
  • 1x Elemental Hero Stratos
  • 1x Elemental Hero Wildman
  • 2x Evil Hero Infernal Gainer
  • 2x Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy
  • 2x Evil Hero Malicious Edge
  • 3x Hero Kid

Spell Cards (12):

  • 3x Dark Fusion
  • 1x E - Emergency Call
  • 1x Fake Hero
  • 1x Fifth Hope
  • 1x H - Heated Heart
  • 1x Hero Flash
  • 1x Hero Mask
  • 1x Heroes Bond
  • 1x O - Oversoul
  • 1x R - Righteous Justice

Trap Cards (6):

  • 1x Hero Barrier
  • 1x Hero Blast
  • 1x Hero Counteratack
  • 1x Hero Ring
  • 1x Hero Signal
  • 1x Mirror Gate

This is the ingredients to the greatest "Hero" deck ever. I have never lost a duel with this deck, no lie. You dont really have to go strictly by this, feel free to tinker with it, I just put down the cards in the deck I used. "Malicious Edge" and "Caius the Shadow Monarch" are my trump cards every time, because I only recently added " Dark Fusion". Whoops! : p

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