This deck focuses on you summoning Uria, Lord of Searing Flames as soon as possible, and possibly destroying your opponent's deck due to some milling cards in this deck

Reccommended cards for this deck

Monsters x13

Big Eye x2 Giant Germ x2 Mask of Darkness x2 Morphing Jar x1 Sangan x3 Uria, Lord of Searing Flames x1 Witch of the Black Forest x2

Spells x6

Card of Destruction x1 Graceful Charity x2 Hand Destruction x2 Monster Gate x1

Traps x21

Begone, Knave! x1 Blind Destruction x1 Call of the Haunted x1 Curse of Darkness x1 Dragon Capture Jar x1 Goblin Fan x1 Hard Sellin' Zombie x2 Light of Intervention x2 Nightmare Wheel x1 Prepare to Strike Back x1 Robbin' Goblin x1 Shadow Spell x1 Shattered Axe x1 Spellbinding Circle x3 The Regulation of Tribe x1 Ultimate Offering x1 Wall of Revaling Light x1

Combos on how this deck works

  1. 1 Light of Intervention + Blind Detruction: With Light of Intervention face up, your opponent will be force to place his defense monsters face up, then during your turn, use Blind Destruction to roll the Die of Fate to determine your opponent's monster's demise.
  1. 2 Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest + Monster Gate or Regulation of Tribe: While you control Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest on your field, use Monster Gate or Regulation of Tribe to send either one of them to your graveyard, then use their effect to add Uria form your deck to your hand.
  1. 3 Uria + Graceful Charity, Card Destrucion, Hand Destruction or Morphing Jar: While you control Uria on your field, use either Graceful Charity, Card Destruction, Hand Destruction or Morphing Jar to discard some of your traps to the graveyard to power up Uria.
  1. 4 Big Eye + Morphing Jar: Flip summon Big Eye, his effect allows you to look the top five cards on your deck and put them in any order you want them to be, then flip summon Morphing Jar, his effect forces both players to discard their entire hand and draw five new cards; lucky for you, you get to draw the five cards you look at due to Big Eye's effect.
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