play stiyle

this deck focuses on geting out Evil hero dark aware of cards that do not target !!!!! such as waboku threathening roar ect. so use trap stun.also be careful because of royal opression....but even if you face all these cards it realy isn t a problem because of trap stun.also, you should use royal opression cause it wil stay on th field.

deck list

3x Evil Hero Dark Gaia


3x Evil Hero Infernal Gainer

3x The End of Anubis

3x Granmarg the rock monarch

3x Caius the shadow monarch

3x Gigantes

1x Gorz the emessary of darkness

2x Cyber dragon

1x Koa'ki meiro guardian

1x Morphing jar

1x Plaguespreader zombie

2x Gaia Plate the Earth Giant

1x Jinzo (optional)

1x Dark Armed Dragon


3x Dark Fusion

1x Monster Gate

3x Dark Calling

1x Hand Destruction

1x Allure of darkness

1x Heavy Storm

1x Card destruction

1x Giant Trunade (optional)


3x Trap Stun

2x Dark Bribe (optional)

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