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Hi there,

this is my new chaos dark world/ fabled deck with the banlist of september 2011.

it works pretty well but it still needs some changes.


Fabled kushano 2x

Fabled krus 2x

Fabled grimro 2x

fabled miztoji

Fabled Dainaira

The Fabled cerburrel

The Fabled rubiruda

Bronn, Mad king of dark world 2x

Sillva, warlord of dark world 2x

Golld, Wu-lord of dark world 2x

Ceruli, Guru of dark world 2x

Grapha, Dragon lord of dark world

Black luster soldier - Envoy of the beginning


stygian street patrol



Spell cards:

Dark world dealings 2x

Card destruction

monster reborn

MST 2x

Dark Hole

Dark core

Dark world Lightning 2x

Trap cards:

Dark deal 2x

Solemn jugdement

mind crush 2x

Mirror force

Extra deck:

Fabled Valkyrus 2x

Fabled Ragin

Fabled Leviathan

If you have anything to add or to change the deck, comments are always welcome.

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