Effect Monsters

  • The Splended Venus
  • Athena

Synchro Monsters



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A few things I would change/add to this fairy deck: monster Soul Of Purity and Light. Remove from play 2 light monsters from your graveyard to special summon it, monsters that attack it lose 300 atk. (2000 atk)

monster Splendid Venus. 2 sac, non fairies lose 500 atk and def, your spells and traps can't be negated, 2800 atk. In my opinion better than Athena.

spell The Fountain In The Sky. new from tshd. Remove from play light monsters when they're destroyed to gain their atk as life points.

Comment #2:

If you're facing a deck such as Infernities or Blackwings, add Consecrated Light to your deck. It stops them in their tracks from summoning out monsters. However they can still set monsters so use Light of Intervention to stop them from setting.

If you're up against Infernities, you can stop them swarming by using Banisher of the Radiance or Banisher of the Light. Both have the same effects that removes cards from play rather than sending them to the Graveyard.

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