This is a deck i decided to make on duel network just because i love stalling the opponent. It should be a fun deck to use and might even annoy your opponent. :)

Card List


Penguin Soldier x3

Nightmare Penguin x3

Chewbone x3

Cobra Jar x3

Des Feral Imp x3

Dice Jar x3

Marshmallon x3

Spirit Reaper x3


Attraffic Control x2

Burden of the Mighty x2

Double Defender x2

Gravekeeper's Servant x3

Wave-Motion Cannon x3

Swords of Revealing Light x3


Commander of Swords x3

Spirit Barrier X1

Localized Tornado X1

How the deck works

The point of this deck is to be able to stall long enough until you can do

A: play dice jar and get a higher dice roll. Obviously risky so you might want to go for option B

B: play a wave motion cannon(hopefully 2) so that you can take out all their lifepoints

The best part is if you manage to get chewbone on your first turn and attraffic control by your second, heres how it turns out.

  • you play chew bone and whatever other cards you want
  • your opponent does their turn and hopefully kills chewbone by battle. chewbones eff activates and gives them 3 tokens
  • you then play attraffic control. the opponent can no longer attack because of the tokens

If they manage to get rid of attraffic control or their tokens, well thats why there are other stall cards like swords,marshmallon,and reaper. Plus gravekeeper's servant will add a slight mill effect if the do mannage to attack. Burden of the mighty should also help to lessen the damage you take from your opponent'attacks. Cobra jar also works well with double defender, the way that would work is to have to cobra jar facedown, flip summon them so their effects ativate. Special summon 2 tokens in defense so that double defenders eff activates , it works best if you have 2 double defenders out. Plus if any of these cards get sent to the grave, you can use des feral imp to send them back to the deck.


While there are probably several weaknesses this deck has i will just list a few.

  1. carrds that destroy facedown monsters immediately
  2. cards that do piercing damage
  3. cards that change monsters to att position
  4. mass destruction decks (EX. Inzektors)
  5. burden does not work on xyz
  6. spirit reapers self destruct eff


If you play this deck and you think of ways to improve it feel free to list any suggestions here, personally though i feel as though this deck could use some xyz.(quite a few LV.2 and 3 monsters)

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