Here is my hybrid deck. My definition of a Hybrid Deck is two entirely different deck types or playing styles made into one deck that is very strong.My Gemini Inferno-T deck win percent is 70 to 85. I hope people can help by adding some useful suggestions:

Monsters 26
Blazewing Butterfly x2

Dark Tinker x2

Dark Valkyria

Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca

Evocator Chevalier


Future Samurai x2

Gemini Soldier

Gemini Summoner

Infernity Archfiend x2

Infernity Beast x2

Infernity Dwarf

Infernity Guardian x2

Infernity Randomizer

Infernity Necromancer x2


Phoenix Gearfried

Ryu Kokki

Stygian Security

Extra Deck 1

Stygian Sergeants

Spells 8

Card Destruction

Fairy Meteor Crush

Mystic Plasma Zone

Prevention Star

Savage Colosseum


Symbols of Duty

Traps 10


Call of the Haunted

Depth Amulet

Gemini Booster
Gemini Trap Hole

Infernity Force x2

Magic Jammer

Phantom Hand

Raigeki Break

Ultimate Offering


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