This deck revolves around getting Gemini soldier on the field by drawing it (if you're lucky) but mainly but using cards like: Reinforcement of the army, Summoner monk or the effect of Field-commander Rahz. By the effect of Gemini soldier (you can activate it the same turn it is normal summoned with Unleash your power!, Supervise or Double summon), you can get Tuned Magician and then make a Synchro summon during your very first turn. Plus, Gemini soldier's effect activate once per turn so you can support your Synchro monster with beatdown cards like Evocator chevalier (personal favorite) or Dark valkyria. Due to the fact that Tuned Magician is itself a gemini monster, you can easily special summon it from the graveyard to make another synchro summon almost indefinitely. I know my deck seems like Warrior's Strike in double but I added some cards of my own


  1. Evocator Chevalier X2
  1. Gemini Soldier X2
  1. Blazewing Butterfly X2
  1. Tuned Magician X2
  1. Dark Valkyria X2
  1. Field-Commander Rahz X2
  1. Gemini Scorpion X2
  1. Future Samurai
  1. Zero Gradna (it could save your life)


  1. Reinforcement of the Army X2
  1. Hidden Armory X2
  1. Supervise X2
  1. Unleash your Power! X2
  1. Double Summon X2
  1. Swing of Memories X2
  1. Monster Reborn
  1. MST
  1. Black Pendant
  1. Symbols of Duty
  1. Gemini Spark
  1. Lightning Blade
  1. Malevolent Nuzzler


  1. Birthright X2
  1. Ultimate Offering
  1. Gemini Trap Hole
  1. Justi-Break
  1. Dark Bribe
  1. Dark Spirit of the Silent
  1. Kunai with Chain
  1. Seven Tools of the Bandit
  1. Sakuretsu Armor


  1. Stardust Dragon
  1. Colossal Fighter

I know I don't have a lot of Synchro monsters but every Synchro with a level being a multiple of 4 is really good in this deck. You may have noticed this deck doesn't have monsters higher than level 4 which means, if you draw a monster, it won't sleep in your hand for long.

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