Genex are a series of mostly Machine-Type monsters that have an affiliation with the various Attributes that exist in OCG, as hinted on the flavor text of "Genex Controller" and its trump cards, "Hydro Genex", "Thermal Genex", "Geo Genex", and "Windmill Genex". Most of their effects revolve around "Genex Controller" and also adding cards from the Deck to hand by their monster's effects, activating effects that involves monsters in the hand and getting Genex Controller and other monsters on the field for quick Synchro Summonings. The Genex Synchro Monsters have a variety of different effects, making them one of the more flexible Synchro-based Archetypes.

The majority of Genex monsters tend to be Level 3 and have approximately 1500 ATK or lower, but this allows them to be easily searched out and summoned to the field from the deck. There are also a couple of cards that can fill in for "Genex Controller" by having their name be changed to "Genex Controller" once per turn, increasing the flexibility of the archetype.

"Genex" monsters were introduced in "Duel Terminal - Invasion of Worms!", with further support added in "Justice Strikes Back!!", "Champion of Chaos!!" (this support being in form of the Real Genex sub-Archetype) and "Charge of the Genex" (this support being in form of the Genex Ally sub-Archetype).


The four primary Genex Synchro monsters do not name a specific material monster, but each is intended to be summoned by tuning Genex Controller with a specific Genex monster; Genex Furnace for Thermal Genex, Genex Undine for Hydro Genex, Genex Gaia for Geo Genex and Genex Blastfan for Windmill Genex. In each of these cases, the Synchro monster appears to be a more advanced version of its associated material monster.

Genex monster names seem to be derived from several forms of energy development (Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Solar etc).

There is currently a Synchro Genex for every attribute except LIGHT and DIVINE.

Genex monsters are also supported by 2 sub-Archetypes known as R-Genex and Genex Ally. While R-Genex focus heavily upon swarming to better enable Synchro Summoning, Genex Ally focus on aggressive tactics that depend upon manipulating various Attributes.

Genex Sample Deck

Genex Controller x3
Army Genex x2
Genex Doctor x2
Genex Neutron x2
Genex Searcher x3
Real Genex Accelerator x2
Recycle Genex x3
Turbine Genex x3

Giant Trunade
Heavy Storm
Instant Fusion x3
Lightning Vortex
Limiter Removal
Machine Duplication x3
Mystical Space Typhoon
Swing of Memories x2
Swords of Revealing Light

Call of the Haunted
Mirror Force
Rare Metalmorph x2
Torrential Tribue

Flame Swordsman
Kaminari Attack
Man-Eating Black Shark
Geo Genex
Hydro Genex
Real Genex Kurokishian
Real Genex Vindicate
Thermal Genex
Wind Farm Genex

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