Gladiator Beasts Decks run Gladiator Beast cards, in which the monsters can tag out at the end of the battle phase if they attacked or were attacked. Gladiator Beast Decks are very slow, meaning at most you'll probably get out 2-3 Gladiator Beast monsters, unlike Blackwings. TCG made Glad's decent, but could be better. There are some ways of taking control of the field if you can play it right. Gladiator Beast Murmillo can destroy 1 face-up card on the field when it's Special Summoned by the effect of another Glad Beast except itself. Gladiator Beast Secutor can Special Summon up to 2 extra Gladiator Beast monsters while staying on the field, an easy way to get out Gladiator Beast Heraklinos. Attack with Secutor, tag in Gladiator Beast Laquari and another, and return them to the Deck to Contact Summon Heraklinos. For Contact Summon, you DO NOT NEED POYMERIZATION!!!!! They just go right back into the Deck, and that's what Gladiator Beasts are known for.

There are also support cards for Gladiator Beast. Defensive Tactics is like a Waboku for Glad Beasts. Disarm and Parry send a Glad right back into the Deck in order to stop Spells (Disarm) and Traps (Parry), if you don't have Heraklinos out. Gladiator Beast's Return do just that - return up to 3 Glads back to your Deck and draw a card. Respite does the same, except it's only 2 (but you have to have 2) and you can draw three. Gladiator Beast War Chariot does the same as Disarm and Parry, sending a Glad back into your Deck, but what it negates is different - monster effects (Wrong, the last guy had it wrong because you only need a face up Gladiator Beast in order to use War Chariot, not return a Gladiator Beast to the deck). Have a Smashing Ground with your opponent's Stardust Dragon? It can only negate once, unless there's two out. A bunch of others can go in this Deck. Waboku, Cold Wave, Heavy Storm, Book of Moon, and My Body as a Shield can protect your Glads from being destroyed and are a must in any Glad Beast Deck, and are in my Gladiator Reign Deck. The only problem? With sending cards back into your Deck, you'll have to wait longer to draw that one-turn-victory card, but on the bright sidde, you can last longer than your opponent, unless they play with a Deck Destruction Deck. If they do, use Indomitable Gladiator Beast to fill up your deck. Overall, Gladiator Beasts are deffinitely a tournament ready theme, and if your not playing this theme, adjust your Deck and Side Deck accordingly.


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