Gladiator Beast Control decks work by removing as many of your opponents cards from their side of the field as fast as possible making them more vulnerable to your weaker gladiator beast attacks thus making it easier to swap or "tag" them out for a new one. This way you can use heaps of effects in one turn due to the amount of swapping possible.

Deck List

A Gladiator Beast Control Deck usually consists of the following:

Monsters: 16

  • Gladiator Beast Laquari x3 <- For Heraklinos
  • Gladiator Beast Equeste x3 <- It's all about the recycling
  • Gladiator Beast Darius x3 <- Makes it easier to contact fuse
  • Gladiator Beast Hoplomus x2 <- Every deck needs some defence
  • Gladiator Beast Bestiari x1 <- For Gyzarus
  • Gladiator Beast Secutor x1 <- This can get you alot of advantage if played right, but you dont want to draw him
  • Gladiator Beast Murmillo x1 <- You don't want to draw this either
  • Gladiator Beast Retiari x1 <- Sometimes removal really screws up your opponents plan
  • Test Tiger x3 <- For an easy tag out

Spells: 9

  • Gladiator Beast Proving Ground x3 <- It's a lot easier when you get to pick which ones are in your hand
  • Shrink x2 <- Incase they get out some high attack monsters but still allows you to swap after battle
  • Heavy Storm x1 <- To sweep their spell and traps
  • Mystical Space Typhoon x1 <- To get rid of cards that stop your attacks
  • Brain Control x1 <- If their monsters attack is too high take it and hit them with both monsters then swap your gladiators
  • Smashing Ground x1 <- To get rid of pesky monsters like Gorz

Traps: 15

  • Gladiator Beast War Chariot x3 <- Stopping effects is the main part of control
  • Dark Bribe x3 <- Aswell as spell and traps
  • Dimensional Prison x3 <- A good way to get rid of Stardust Dragon without it coming back
  • Bottomless Trap hole x2 <- The less monsters they have the easier it is for you
  • Wabaku x2 <- A good way to stop OTKs and allows you to swap your gladiators without them dying to higher attack monsters
  • Torriential Tribute x1 <- To clear their field in a sticky situation
  • Mirror Force x1 <- To protect your weaker monsters

Extra Deck: 6

  • Gladiator Beast Gyzarus x3 <- Nothing says control like destroying any 2 cards
  • Gladiator Beast Heraklinos x3 <- Negating spell and traps pretty much makes you win

Normally a deck doesn't use so many traps but that's all part of the control. You can obviously add synchros incase you take your opponents tuner with brain control.

Side Deck

For the side deck you need to use cards that counter what your opponent will side in to stop your gladiators. such cards include:

  • Prohibition
  • Burial From A Different Dimension
  • Dust Tornado
  • Trap Stun
  • Fairy Wind
  • Twister
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