How to use your Gogogo deck

Gogogos are earth rock type monsters that excel in XYZ summoning XYZ monsters. The main card of this arctype is Gogogo giant which is able to special summon 1 gogogo from the graveyard. As support when gogogo goram is destroyed you have to send 1 gogogo to the graveyard with it. Sending gigas to the graveyard for gorams effect makes it easey to special summon gogogos from the graveyard. Gigases effect is if a gogogo is special summoned from the graveyard then special summon it from the graveyard. By using the effects off giant, gigas and, ghost you can get 2 xyzs which for a quick finish should be 39 utopia and burner visor. So you can equip burner visor to utopia for a 4000 damage attack directly even if there are enemy monsters on the field via burner visors effect. This is the most likely and easy way to win a battle with gogogos. another easy way is to get a gogogo golem golden-form which gets on the field by trubuting one gogogo to special summon it. when it is special summoned it gains the attack of the tributed monsters attack...doubled so at tops 4600atk but the one downfall of this plan is that all damage taken by the enimy is halved.

this should help you in making a reagonal grade gogogo deck thank you for reading.


here is a monster deck list: 3 gogogo giant 3 gogogo gigas 3 gogogo golem 3 gogogo golem golden-form 3 gogogo ghosts 3 gogogo gorams 2 grandrams 2 block golems 2 gorgonic gorgoyle 2 gorgonic golems.

here is the extra deck list: 3 gogogo goliath 3 dark rebellion dragons 3 number 39: utopia 3 number 58 burner visors 3 gorgonics gaurdians.

i hope this will help you starp up you're gogogo deck soon i will bting the spell and trap card list


coming soon

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