A Gradius Deck revolves around the use of the cards "Gradius" and "Victory Viper XX03" along with their support cards. The main strategy is to summon one of the ships and its Option and boost them all with Equip Cards or any other attack-boosting card, and blitz your opponent. As a result, a Gradius Deck operates under a Swarm/OTK hybrid. Fighting under this style is a major gamble because just one trap can cripple the deck, so this deck must have a counter ready every turn. It is also a good idea to include the Chimeratech OTK strategy in order to have a backup plan.

The mass swarming of various levels of four and one gives this deck the opportunity to summon the strongest Synchros that need 3 components. However, if this is the desired strategy, then it is best to gear the deck to focus only on performing Synchro Summons.





Synchros and Fusions

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