My Gravekeeper's Destruction deck is an extremely powerful, tournament legal deck with cards built to destruct every strategy that an opponent could possibly throw at you. Let's begin with the monsters.

The monsters of the deck can overpower your opponent IF USED CORRECTLY. The two non-Gravekeeper tributes, the *Dark Armed Dragon and Jinzo, can stop traps and monsters that can ruin your strategy.

  • The Dark Armed Dragon is technically not a tribute; you can special summon it if you have three DARK monsters in your Graveyard.

The Gravekeepers in the deck have powerful effects that can help you win the duel. Cards like Sangan and Mystic Tomato can help you bring out your strongest Gravekeepers. Play field-spell Necrovalley to give them an extra power boost.


- A Cat of Ill Omen

- Dark Armed Dragon

- Gravekeeper's Assailant x2

- Gravekeeper's Cannonholder

- Gravekeeper's Chief

- Gravekeeper's Commandant

- Gravekeeper's Descendant x2

- Gravekeeper's Guard x2

- Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier

- Gravekeeper's Spy x3

- Gravekeeper's Visionary

- Jinzo

- Mystic Tomato x2

- Sangan

The Spells in this deck can not only power up your Gravekeepers, but also stop spells and traps that pose as a threat to your cards. Necrovalley, the strongest spell in the deck, will power up your Gravekeepers and protect them in their graves, sealing their tombs. BEWARE! Monster Reborn will not work if Necrovalley is active.


- Book of Moon

- Book of Secret Arts

- Dian Keto the Cure Master

- Gravekeeper's Servant

- Gravekeeper's Stele

- Monster Reborn

- Mystical Space Typhoon

- Necrovalley x2

- Nightmare's Steelcage

- Scapegoat

The traps are in this deck as shields for your other cards. They are great in this deck because every trap in ths deck has a PURPOSE, so use them WISELY!


- Bottomless Trap Hole

- Dark Illusion

- Jar of Greed

- Malevolent Catastrophe

- Mind Haxorz

- Mirror Force

- Nightmare Wheel

- Royal Decree

- Sakuretsu Armor

Most of these cards can be found in the Marik Structure Deck.

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