I am going to teach you how to build a Yugi deck that I made about a month and a half ago. I need two more Magnet warriors (Gamma and Valkyrion) to make it perfect, but... let's pretend they're in there anyway.

Most of the cards in this deck probably aren't made anymore.

Also, this deck dosen't have ALL the cards Yugi uses. So please don't complain if I missed some, or a lot. I used what I could find.


- Dark Magician

- Buster Blader

- Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

- Ansatsu

- Summoned Skull

- Dark Magician Girl


- Skilled Dark Magician

- Obnoxious Celtic Guard

- Gazelle, the King of Mythical Beasts

- Magician of Faith

- Beaver Warrior

- Man-Eater Bug

- Alpha the Magnet Warrior

- Beta the Magnet Warrior

- Gamma the Magnet Warrior

- Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

- Sangan

- Penguin Soldier

- Neo the Magic Swordsman

- Giant Soldier of Stone x2

- Wall of Illusion

- Breaker the Magical Warrior

- Kuriboh

- Mystical Elf

- Sonic Bird

- Feral Imp

- The Stern Mystic


- Black Luster Soldier


- Dian Keto the Cure Master

- Black Luster Ritual

- Lightning Vortex

- Swords of Revealing Light

- Brain Control

- Diffusion Wave-Motion

- Mystic Plasma Zone

- Axe of Despair

- De-Spell

- Card Destruction

- Mystical Space Typhoon

- Fissure


- Mirror Force

- Time Seal

- Spellbinding Circle

- Shift

- Waboku

- Reverse Trap

- Castle Walls

- Miracle Restoring

- Trap Hole

- Dragon Capture Jar

- Dust Tornado

... And there's my Yugi deck! This deck, too, has won me many duels.

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