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Well well well...Konami had finally made a banlist that can screw up my old Synchro Turbo deck. So, with some modifications, I made this deck that is still non-meta but just as fun.


Fire Ant Ascator X3

Junk Synchron X3

Level Eater X2

Morphing Jar X1

Oracle of the Sun X3

Sangan X1

Supay X3

The Tricky X3

Tragoedia X1

Total: 20


Dark Hole X1

Heavy Storm X1

Magic Planter X2

Monster Reborn X1

One for One X1

Pot of Avarice X1

Total: 7


Call of the Haunted X3

Imperial Iron Wall X3

Limit Reverse X1

Mirror Force X1

Seven Tools of the Bandit X3

Solemn Judgment X1

Torrential Tribute X1

Total: 13

Synchro Monsters

Formula Synchron X1

Armory Arm X1

T.G. Hyper Librarian X1

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier X1

Moon Dragon Quilla X2

Black Rose Dragon X1

Stardust Dragon X1

Scrap Dragon X1

Sun Dragon Inti X2

Shooting Star Dragon X1

Total: 12

Xyz Monsters

Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja

Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

Tiras, Keeper of Genesis

Total: 3

The purpose of this deck is simple: Synchro summon both Inti and Quilla as early in the game as possible and leave an Imperial Iron Wall to keep them both safe from being banished. From there onwards you can just watch your opponent pull his hair out trying to get rid of them. In the meantime, bring out a Number 12 or Tiras just to remind him that your monsters are there to stay. Simple enough, eh?

From there onwards there are few more tricks to pull: Accel Synchro for my old favourite Shooting Star Dragon to keep your Iron Wall up (although the Walll itself hinders Shooting Star's effect, and Formula Synchron is no longer a +2 to the hand), or bring out a Scrap Dragon for effectively free bombing and getting some mastery over which dragon to keep. Alternatively, Overlay for an Xyz and rub it in even more!

Compared to the Synchro Turbo deck, this deck is relatively more focused, and hence lack the flexibility, rendering its main strategy to beatdown with monster effects as a support as opposed to my old deck. However, this deck does have one advantage that Synchro Turbo can never match up with: Hand Power. This deck is self-maintaining, so you can wreak havoc on the opponent without doing the same to your hand size. The reduction of Synchro options can be made up by using Xyz, particularly Rank 5 ones, which pack a punch.

I have yet to figure out a complete Side Deck for this deck, although I expect quite a few Xyz monsters to interchange with. Potential members include Zenmaines, Gaia Dragoon, Photon Streak Bouncer, Numbers 61, 25, 39 and even 83 and 56. Pot of Avarice is considered due to this deck's considerable searching capabilities, and provides additional draw power, and MST perhaps to sub out Seven Tools based on the situation. Simorgh can be considered if you are not running Iron Wall. Oh, and Skill Drain is a MUST to deal with Kristya and stuff, and this time, with all the looping done in the graveyard, it is in full synergy with the deck!

Lv8 turbo Inca (unlimited format)

The purpose is to to use the lv5 monsters special summong effects along side chaos-end master to summon oracle OR jammer, preferably Oracle. Double summon is a massive helo for summoning one-turn quilla or inti, but if you have the option always open with quilla > inti, dont waste your material summong the stronger half of the loop just for it to be destroyed, the extra deck basically covers anything that can be thrown at you, burn is broken by black-wing, blader rapes so many decks or forces them to waste a turn without summoning to avoid his effect.

scrap dragon + Supply Unit + Inca loop allows you to draw 1, summon the opposite dragonm and pop one card all at once, you can also use supay, oracle, or apoctaquil to get their effects, or use red dragon archfiend to pull multiple effects at once by not attacking

star eater is always helpful, with all the lv8's in this deck summoning eater shouldnt be much trouble, fire ant + any lv8 synchro

the xyz's hardly need explanation, 2 being summoned by the use of lv5's you can summon, lv8 synchros play the tachyon, and any lv4 for 101

the main deck has most your standard build stuff that needs no explanation if youve been looking for an inti/quilla build, you should know these cards fine by now, see the deck in action on username is Blaze64, good luck have fun

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