Can someone tell me if this deck is good?


Srry dude but i tryed it...didnt lik it... its to slow.


Well i've won some duels with this deck

do u know what type of deck this is

Quite an interesting and tricky deck, but severely lack speed, and is sorta bad if opponent manages to find countermeasure, which is not very difficult with all the Synchros. Wall of Illusion or Nightmare Penguine recommended instead of Man-Eater Bug, and 3 Giant Rats recommended.Kyosuke Kiryu 13:30, August 17, 2011 (UTC)


Blackwing- Mistral the silver shield

Trident warrior

Man eater Bug


Ryu Kokki

Marauding Captain 2x

Flamevell Guard

Giant Rat 2x

Top runner

Tune warrrior

Gene warped warwolf

Spirit Of the harp 2

Dark blade

Junk synchron 3x


Lightning Vortex


Mystical Space typhoon

Harmonic Waves

Rush Recklessly

Dark Hole

Swords of revealing light

Synchro boost

Double summon



Mirror Force

Sakuretsu Armor

Bottomless Trap hole 2x

Trap hole 3x


Seven tools of the bandit

Dust tornado

Raigeki break

spellbinding circle

Threatening roar

Scrap iron scarecrow

Extra Deck

junk warrior 2x

Gaia knight the force of earth

Iron Chain Dragon

red dragon archfiend

power tool dragon

stardust dragon


number 39 utopia

Gachi gachi gantetsu

Colossal fighter

Zeman the ape king

Red Nova Dragon

Shooting Star Dragon

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