Jack Atlus

Who's the "Master of Faster"...

Basically, it's Jack Atlas' deck in the anime, consisting of only cards used by him, while lacking cards he'd be better off not using. The deck instead uses multiples of his stronger cards. Note: you'll have a much easier time winning with this deck if you only use Synchros when absolutely needed due to the fact they take up two cards instead of one, (i.e. if you have "Dark Reasonator" and "Vice Dragon" in Your hand, don't summon "Red Dragon Archfiend" just because you can). Instead use your ATK modification cards to handle problems you face on the field, if possible, and if not, then, resort to Synchros. Trust me, "Clock Resonator" backed by plenty of ATK modifiers will last much longer in play than a "Red Dragon Archfiend' with a target on its back... anyway... i'm rambling now... so enjoy!


x1 Barrier Resonator

x2 Battle Fader

x2 Big Peice Golem

x3 Clock Resonator

x1 Dark Resonator

x2 Dark Tinker

x1 Ogre of the Scarlet Sorrow

x2 Power Breaker

x1 Power Giant

x1 Power Invader

x2 Strong Wind Dragon

x2 Twin-Sword Marauder

x2 Vice Dragon

Extra Deck

x3 Exploder Dragonwing

x3 Red Dragon Archfiend

x3 Chaos king Archfiend

x3 Nova Red Dragon


x1 Megamorph

x1 Resonator Call


x2 Change Destiny

x1 Descending Lost Star

x3 Fiendish Chain

x2 Interdimensional Matter Transporter

x3 Prideful Roar

x2 Red Sceren

x3 Shadow Spell

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