Ok, so I was going to build a deck based off of the ones Jack Atlas uses in the Anime(I hope i spelled that right) Heres a list of what ive managed to put together. Its not built yet and i dont have all the cards but i want to know if you think it'll be any good. I got this idea from my friends Yusei Deck and it was pretty good and since i have a red dragon archfeind assult mode ghost rare that i wont trade till i die he suggested this.

Jack Atlas Deck PROTOTYPE:

Battle Fader

Big Peice Golem

Dark Bug

Dark Resonator

Dark Tinker

Dread Dragon

Flare Resonator

Archfiend Interceptor

Mad Archfiend

Majestic Dragon

Magic Hole Golem

Medium Piece Golem

Ogre of the Scarlet Sorrow

Power Invader

Power Supplier

Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode

Sinister Sprocket

Small Piece Golem

Strong Wind Dragon

Sword Master

Synchro Magnet

Trap Eater

Trust Guardian

Twin-Shield Defender

Twin-Sword Marauder

Vice Dragon

Fusion Monsters

Multiple Piece Golem

Synchro Monsters

Exploder Dragonwing

Majestic Red Dragon

Red Dragon Archfiend


Assault Spirits

Change Destiny

Crimson Fire

Fiendish Chain

Lineage of Destruction

Nightmare Archfiends

Prideful Roar

Revival Gift

Shadow Spell


Synchro Deflector

Tuner Capture



Mystical Space Typhoon


Cost Down


Double Summon


Mind Trust

Battle Tuned

Bait Doll

Brain Control

Heavy Storm


Soul Exchange x2

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