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Jackal Lockdown is an old but still somewhat well-known deck, the Jackal Lockdown consists solely on depleting the opponent's hand, and then bouncing one of their monsters on the field back to the top of their deck with the monster Mystical Knight of Jackal. Since their hand will be empty, and the bounced monster will already be on the top of their deck during the opponent's Draw Phase, they have no choice but to draw the bounced card, and (if it's a monster that can be Normal or Special Summoned without Tribute), place it on the field to protect their Life Points. This, in turn, allows the player controling the lock to destroy the bounced monster with Mystical Knight of Jackal, bouncing it back to the top of the opponent's deck, and continuing the loop.


Like any Lockdown deck, this deck is very frustrating to duel against, once the lock is in place, but it does have a few weaknesses: first, Mystical Knight of Jackal is a level 7 monster, thus requiring two tributes to summon. Second, the lock requires the opponent to have no hand and only one (summonable without tribute) monster on the field, meaning that if even one other card is available to the opponent, the lock can be diffused easily. Finally, Mystical Knight of Jackal's effect requires it to destroy a monster in battle and send it to the Graveyard, before it can return the monster to the top of the opponent's deck, meaning that if the opponent activates a card effect (including that of the destroyed monster) that removes their monster from the game or returns it to their hand or deck instead of being sent to the Graveyard, Mystical Knight of Jackal's effect will not activate, and the lock will not happen. A player may also b
reak out of the lock by simply not playing the monster again. That player will be giving up at least 2700 Life Points, but will be able to draw a new card next turn, perhaps one that can destroy Mystical Knight of Jackal.

Mystic Swordsman

Mystic swordsman lv6 has the same effect and ability to create Jackal lock. Mystic swordsman even more powerful than Mystical Knight of Jackal. Mystic swordsman has the protection against flip monsters and can be special summoned easilly. Book of Moon can be beneficial for such deck

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