You will need:

For this lockdown to work, your opponent must have at least two more monsters than you on their side of the field at all times.

First, set Judgment of the Desert.

On your next turn, summon a monster if you have none on the field. Activate Kaiser Colosseum and Swords of Concealing Light, then flip Judgment of the Desert. Finally, activate Swords of Revealing Light to flip all your opponent's monsters into face-up Defense Position.

Now, due to Judgment of the Desert, your opponent's monsters cannot switch to Attack position. Thanks to Kaiser Colosseum, your opponent cannot summon any more. As long as you have at least two fewer monsters, they cannot perform any double Tributes, because that would have a net result of more monsters on their side of the field than yours.

Now, if you have a monster that can attack your opponent's Life Points directly, you can simply keep attacking. Rocket Jumper, Shadowslayer, and especially Raging Flame Sprite and Black Tyranno all work well in this situation.

Other cards can also be used in combination with Kaiser Colosseum and Life Point attacking Monsters, such as:

However, there is a weakness in this lockdown. Your opponent can negate the activation of the cards by using Seven Tools of the Bandit, Magic Jammer, Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell, Spell Shield Type-8, or anything that negates the activation of spell and trap cards. Also, three-tribute monsters such as Gilford the Lightning and Moisture Creature can still work unless your opponent has three more monsters than you. This can be especially devastating if they use the tributes to summon a Wicked God, as you will likely not be able to instantaneously match the card's power.

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