So here`s my normal deck. Just add some remarks or anything that will help me with my deck. So I got the idea of making a normal deck after beating the "berserk gorilla" in one of my games. That got me thinking and i made myself a normal deck for duels. I haven't used it yet in a duel and i need help

File:Harpie s by Lizzard kage.jpg

on improving it

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I beleive the weakness of this deck is that there is only 1 effect monster and it will be hard to gain a good advantage in a duel if I ever dueled with this deck.

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This deck consists of: 14 NORMALS, 1 EFFECT, 10 SPELLS, 15 TRAPS.

NORMALS:Blade Skater,Doma the Angel of Silence,Dungeon Worm,DarkFire Soldier #1,Great Angus,Jerry Beans Man,Jack`s Knight,Mammoth Graveyard,Oppressed People,Queen`s Knight,Summoned Skull,Sonic Duck,Souls of the Forgotten,Trakodon

EFFECTS:King`s Knight

SPELLS:Brain Control, Change of Heart, Card of Sanctity, Dust Barrier, Enchanting Fittimg Room, Impenetrable Formation, Mystical Wind Typhoon, Monster Reborn, Pot of Greed, Wicked-Breaking Flamberge-Baou

TRAPS: Dark Deal, Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan, Gust, LightForce Sword, Mirror of Oaths, Mind Haxorz, Magic Cylinder, Macro Cosmos, Micro Ray, Proof of PowerlessNess, Ray of Hope,SpellBinding CircleX2, Spiritual Wind Art-Myabi, Waboku

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