A Kuriboh deck well structured,may cannot win lightsworns or GB but it can be funny for play whit friends and trying to do the Winged Kuriboh LVL10 OTK.

The gameplay of kuriboh are simple: defend own life points and letting our rival get monsters on the field that their attack are 8000 in attack position, set Trascendent Wings and The Flute Of Summoning Kuriboh.

Then when your opponent attacks activate the flute and special summon Winged Kuriboh and activate Trascendent Wings,sacrifice Winged Kuriboh LVL10 and win. ^^

My own deck of kuriboh uses a lot of traps and some support cards for kuriboh like Multiply and Detonate.


Chaos Sorcerer

Honest x2

Morphing Jar

Kuriboh x3

Winged Kuriboh x3

Winged Kuriboh LVL10 x2

Winged Kuriboh LVL9

Kycoo,the ghost destroyer x2

Sky scourage Noleras

Sky scourage Enrise x2


Magic Cards

Trascendent Wings x3


Trade in x2


The flute of summoning Kuriboh x3

Jar of Greed

One for One

Trap Cards

Metal reflect slime x2

Call of the haunted

Threating roar x3

Thunder of the ruler x3

Enjoy and comment ^^

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