Light dragon

The Light Dragon Force deck is a deck i designed to be centered around the monster light end dragon as well as control tactics. this deck is meant to control the field while also shuffling light end dragon on and off the field to keep it reved up and ready to go. for battle. this deck is not fully tested as of yet, it is simply a prototype at the moment.

if you have any suggestions to improve this deck so it can better control the field while maintaining the light end dragon and banishment focus.

Deck List

Prime Material Dragon X2

Lightray Diabolos X1

Kaiser Glider X2

Magna Drago X2

Debris Dragon X1

Delta Flyer X2

The White Stone Of Legend X1

Ancient Dragon X2

Mirage Dragon X2

Cyber Dragon X3

Blue-Eyes White Dragon X1

Dimensional Alchemist X1

Dragon's Rebirth X2

Dimension Gate X2

Interdimensional Matter Transporter X1

Lightning Vortex X2

Monster Reborn X1

Dark Hole X1

Torrential Tribute X1

Mystical Space Typhoon X2

D.D.R. Different Dimension Reincarnation X1

Bottomless Trap Hole X1

Forbidden Chalice X1

Defense Draw X1

Negate Attack X1

Slip Of Fortune X2

Power Frame X1


Due to the nature of both the Light and Dark Dragon Force decks they have a reliance on trap cards for their strategies to work, so if they are pitted against a Jinzo deck then they will have a severe disadvantage, especially with jinzo lord. If pitted against koa'ki meiru either they will also face an equal disadvantage, especially if the deck is built to counter spells and traps and keep them from being activated. Another weakness is if a Meklord lockdown deck is used against them, they quickly be overwhelmed and defeated if faced against them. Another weakness of both decks would be burn decks, as they have no real counter or defense against it, so things like the volcanic series have a chance of defeating either deck. Banishing decks, ironically, also kill this deck rather effectively.

Now Light Dragon Force, due to its focus on the light attribute can also face a disadvantage when pitted against an Ally of Justice deck, which can definitely can gain powerful advantage over it in a hurry, especially if it blends jinzo and ally of justice together.

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