Hi Wikia.

This deck is good for people who like a strategy with no sacrifice or discard. Have not dueled with in long time.

Monster Cards (21):

  • 1x Aqua Madoor
  • 2x Giant Soldier of Stone
  • 1x Neo the Magic Swordsman
  • 1x Kabazauls
  • 1x Harpie's Brother
  • 2x Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness
  • 1x Insect Knight
  • 2x Luster Dragon
  • 1x Summoned Skull
  • 1x Dark Magician
  • 1x A Man with Wdjat
  • 1x Twin-Headed Behemoth
  • 1x The Stern Mystic
  • 1x Witch of the Black Forest
  • 1x Wall of Illusion
  • 1x Trap Master
  • 2x Man-Eater Bug

Spell Cards (16):

  • 1x Change of Heart
  • 1x Dark Hole
  • 1x Fissure
  • 1x Heavy Storm
  • 1x Monster Reborn
  • 2x Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 1x Pot of Greed
  • 1x Red Medicine
  • 2x Reload
  • 1x Snatch Steal
  • 1x Sparks
  • 1x Sword of Dark Destruction
  • 1x Sword of Deep-Seated
  • 1x Yami

Trap Cards (7):

  • 1x Castle Walls
  • 1x Magic Jammer
  • 1x Negate Attack
  • 1x Robbin' Goblin
  • 2x Trap Hole
  • 1x Waboku

Again, please help me improve this deck. Thanks.

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