Hi, my name is daniel and i have a big collection of YUGIOH cards, I have recently got back into them and have made two decks, one a zombie deck and the other (this one) a dragon resummoning deck, I have posted another article like this one but for my zombie deck, could you please comment on what I should add or take out and I do not care if my deck breaks any forbidden card rule or something but would like my deck to be of like a minor league yugioh tournament standard (like good enough to win a few matches in a minor league tournament) please tell me any improvement I could make and feel free to ask a question about any of the cards or something and I will answer that day or the next.


EFFECT CARDS--- man-eater bug, penguin soldier, goggle golem, guardian angel joan, chaos emperor dragon - envoy of the end, flame ruler, the calculator, the creator incarnate x 2, the creator, kaiser sea horse x 2, decoy dragon, elemental hero neos alius, witch of the black forest, jinzo, great maju garzett, white-horned dragon, tyrant dragon, felgrand dragon, gilford the lightning, majestic mech - goryo, obsidian dragon

NORMAL CARDS--- luster dragon

SPELL CARDS--- monster reborn x 2, change of heart, tribute to the doomed, dark hole, pot of greed, double summon, heavy storm, emergancy provisions, giant trunade, mausoleum of the emperor, foolish burial, trade-in, linear accelerator cannon, creature swap, soul exchange, ancient rules, axe of despair

TRAP/MAGIC CARDS--- trap stun, waboku, magic jammer, secret barrel, raigeki break, magic cylinder, trap hole, mirror force, xing zhen hu, non aggression area, call of the haunted, trap jammer

thank you for reading and please look at my other article for my second deck - ZOMBIE -

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