ABOUT WHAT I WANT IN THIS FORUM... or whatever it is called... lol

Hi, my name is daniel and I have a big collection of yugioh cards, I have made 2 decks, one zombie and one is like a dragon deck were i keep using cards to inflict damage, but are sent to the graveyard and I can re summon them from there. Anyways This forum is about the zombie deck. I am not looking to be playing in tournaments but would like my deck to be up to a minor league standard. I dont care if it includes banned cards. You can comment on what you think I should change... thanks. Also please look at my other forum thing were you can do the same thing but for my dragon deck


MONSTER EFFECT-- guardian agel joan, goggle golem, penguin soldier, man-eater bug, princess of tsurugi, mask of darkness, magician of faith, spirit reaper, soul-absorbing bone tower, the lady in wight, zombie master x 2, pyramid turtle x 2, paladin of the cursed dragon, royal keeper, regenerating mummy, castle of dark illusions, getsu fuhma, patrician of darkness, malevolent mech - goku en, il blud, dark dust spirit, red-eyes zombie dragon


SPELL---giant trunade, emergancy provisions, heavy storm, double summon, pot of greed, dark hole, tribute to the doomed, change of heart, monster reborn, everliving underworld cannon, book of life, zombie world, call of the mummy, terraforming, field barrier

TRAP/MAGIC--- xing zhen hu, mirror force, trap hole, magic cylinder, raigeki break, secret barrel, magic jammer, trap stun, waboku, torrential tribute, draining shield

thank you

P.S. if you have any questions about the effects or something about a card please ask and I will reply ASAP which is that same day or the next :)

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