This is my pretty standard Machina deck based on the September 1st ban list. Machina Decks are powerful, fast, and relatively cheap to build considering over half the cards are in the found in the Machina Mayhem structure deck making this deck archetype recommended for beginners. The main goal of this deck is to bring out Machina Fortress (the main boss monster and beat sick of the deck) while having field control throughout the duel. Since Machina Fortress is so easy to get on the field (either by discarding monsters to special summon him from your hand or graveyard), he will probably win you most of your games in this deck. This deck is also very searchable <and of course recyclable> making sure that you always have plenty of monsters so you remain in control of this duel. Anyways I'm a pretty lazy writer so I won't go into anymore depth. Now onto the deck list:

Extra Deck: (2)

1x Stardust Dragon-use with Starlight Road

1X Chimeratech Fortress Dragon-easy to bring out with cyber dragons and powerful while on the field

Monsters: (19)

3x Machina Fortress-boss monster

3x Machina Gearframe-search out monsters you need and/or protect them

2x Machina Force-discard to special summon Machina Fortress

2x Cyber Dragon-special summon 2100 beater

2x Green Gadget-search out Yellow Gadget

2x Red Gadget-search out Green gadget

2x Yellow Gadget-search out Red Gadget

2x Scrap Recycler-recycle monsters and draw a card

1x Machina Peacekeeper-search for Machina Gearframe

Spells (13)

2x Machina Armored Unit-bring out a monster when one is destroyed

2x Smashing Ground-destroy opponent’s monsters fast 3x Solidarity- superpowers your monsters

2x Mystical Space Typhoon- with Heavy Storm banned, you need to run 2x in your deck.

1x Monster Reborn-bring back a monster of your choice

1x Lightning Vortex-blow up your opponent’s monster

1x Pot of Avarice-recycle recycle recycle recycle recycle draw draw

1x Limiter Removal-doubles your monsters attack points

Traps (8)

2x Bottomless Trap Hole-remove from play a summoned monster

2x Dimensional Prison-remove an attacking monster

1x Torrental Tribute-blow up all monsters

1x Trap Dustshoot-look at your opponents hand and discard a monster

1x Solemn Judgment-negate any card

1x Starlight Road-negate a card that destroys two or more cards and bring out Stardust Dragon


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