This is Jeremy from the just newly-made rookie team: TeaMAzNPrydE ( I didn't come up with the name). I bought the Machina Mayhem Structure deck 2 years ago and it has evolved since. Now im in the process of making it to some sort of beat-down (not really that aggro tho). Throughout the time ive dueled with this deck and the many different machina decks ive seen and faced, they all fall weak when (besides anti-meta) their oppenent overwhelms them with card effects that destroys monsters. Here is the deck list im making. Unlike most, instead of using spells and traps to buff the monsters radically, they are used for sabotaging your oppenents defenses. Also in our team's youtube channel, we'll soon have cards up for trade. We'll put up a video and just pm us. Here's our channel: Please suscribe and support fellow duelers :D (and remember this deck is still in the prototype zone)

Monsters: 21

Machina Fortress x 3

Machina Gearframe x 3

Machina Force x 2

Green, Yellow, Red Gadgets x 2

Scrap Recycler x 2

Cyber Dragon x 3

Commander convington X 2

Magic: 12

Solidarity x 3

Machina Armored Unit x 2

M.S.T x 2

Pot of Avarice x 2

Power Bond x 2

Future Fusion x 1

Trap: 10

Trap Stun x 2

Dimensional Prison x 2

Bottomless Trap Hole x2

Cyber Summon Blaster x2

DNA Surgery x 2

Extra Deck: 4

Chimeratech Fortress Dragon x1

Chimeratech Overdragon x 1

Cyber Twin Dragon x1

Cyber End Dragon x1

Side deck: 2

Compulsory Evacuation device x2 (or any other trap cards that you may seem fit)

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