== Tribute Monster

== This deck contains 41 cards total. Five of these cards are tribute monsters. The big guy of the deck is the Perfect Machine King, with a whopping 2700 attack. His effect can put your opponent's monsters to sleep. He gains 500 attack for each Machine-type monster on the field! The other big guy is the Barrel Dragon. His effect lets you flip a coin three times. If two are heads, you can destroy any monster on the field!

Tributes (5):

- Perfect Machine King

- Barrel Dragon

- Launcher Spider

- Timeater

- Cyber Dragon

Non-tribute Monsters

In this machine deck, I added a few Morphtronic monsters. Morphtronic Clocken has a powerful effect. Once per turn, you can place a Morph counter on it if it's in defense position. For each Morph counter on it, you can tribute it to inflict 1000 damage to your opponent. Heavy Mech Support Platform is a Union monster that can power up your other Machines.

Non-tributes (16)

- Ancient Gear Soldier x3

- Morphtronic Clocken x3

- Morphtronic Celfon

- Morphtronic Magnen (Thunder-type monster that can defend your Machines)

- Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive

- Steel Scorpion

- Inpachi

- Disk Magician

- Heavy Mech Support Platform

- Dark Catapulter

- Turbo Booster

- Cannon Soldier

Spell Cards

Easy-to-play spells that are must haves, such as Mystical Space Typhoon and Nobleman of Crossout, MUST be included. Swords of Revealing Light can help you get out your powerful machines, since your opponent won't be able to attack. Other spells, like Magical Mallet, Card Rotator, and Mystik Wok are all big helps.

Spells (12)

- Fissure

- De-Spell

- Fighting Spirit

- Magical Mallet

- Banner of Courage

- Card Rotator

- Dian Keto the Cure Master

- Mystik Wok

- Nobleman of Crossout

- Junk Barrage

- Swords of Revealing Light

- Mystical Space Typhoon

Trap Cards

There aren't too many traps, so an explanation shouldn't be needed.

Traps (8)

- Magic Jammer

- Mind Haxorz

- Sakuretsu Armor

- Jar of Greed

- Draining Shield

- Disappear

- Secret Barrel

- Torrential Tribute

Other Ideas

- Add some more Morphtronic monsters to the deck and add some spells and traps that can help them or bring them out to help your Morphtronic monsters with their powerful abilities.

- Add some Synchro and Fusion monsters. These are some of the most powerful monsters yet, and can be a huge advantage during a duel.

- Get some spells and traps that can help your Machines.

- Add Red Gadget, Yellow Gadget, and Green Gadget. These monster act as cards that can make tribute summoning easier if you can stall them.

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