E Hero Clayman 2x

E Hero Sparkman 2x

Blackwing Gale the whirlwind 1x

Caius The Shadow Monarch 1x

E Hero Voltic 3x

Ally Genex Birdman 1x

E Hero Bladedge 1x

E Hero Ocean 2x

E Hero Prisma 1x

E Hero Woodsman 1x

Necroface 1x

E Hero Stratos 1x

E Hero Wildman 1x

King of the Swamp 2x


Dark Calling 1x

Future Fusion 1x

Miracle Fusion 2x

Fusion Gate 2x

Polymerization 1x

Paralel World Fusion 1x

E - Emergency Call 3x

Super Polymerization 2x


Bottomless Trap Hole 1x

Dark Bribe 1x

Dimensional Prison 1x

Waboku 1x

Solemn Warning 1x

Mirror Force 1x

Solemn Judgment 1x

Torrential Tribute 1x


E Hero Absolute Zero 3x

E Hero Escuridao 2x

E Hero Gaia 1x

E Hero Great Tornado 1x

E Hero Plasma Vice 2x

E Hero The Shining 3x

Evil Hero Lightning Golem 1x

Blackwing Armor Master

Locomotion R-Genex 1x

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