Lancelot Albion

Lancelot Albion

This deck can be consider an "pure machine" deck, but it has special monsters in it called mecha type monsters. This deck's main focus is protecting the monsters that are going to be use for tuning or rituals. Also the traps and spells in this deck can counter mostly anything the opponent can think of.

Deck Bio

I've wanted to make a deck none can ever think of that would show my well developed skills. This deck is best in any type of duel even handicap.

Card List

Here is an example of this deck

16 Monster Cards | 14 Spell Cards | 10 Trap Cards

Monster Cards:

  • 1x Gaiking
  • 1x Soulgain
  • 1x Strike
  • 1x Raiking
  • 1x Tekkaman Blade
  • 1x Linebarrel
  • 2x Linebarrel Mode B
  • 1x Linebarrel Mode C
  • 1x Vulking
  • 1x Mazinkaiser
  • 1x Core Fighter
  • 1x Pegas
  • 1x Awakened Eva 01
  • 1x Gundam

Spell Cards:

  • 2x Mode B Activate
  • 2x Great Face Open
  • 1x Scrander Equip
  • 1x Core Revive
  • 1x Mecha Battle Arena
  • 2x Dying Roar
  • 2x Buster Shot
  • 1x Mecha Scanner
  • 1x Blue Comet

Trap Cards:

  • 1x Funnels Unleashed
  • 1x Seed Mode
  • 1x Eva's Battle stance
  • 1x Attack Returner
  • 1x Angel Healing
  • 1x Awakening!!
  • 1x Effect Eater
  • 1x Trap Aura
  • 1x Power Bond
  • 1x Eva Roar

Side Deck:

  • 1x Lancelot Albion
  • 1x Guren Seiten
  • 1x Tekkaman Blade Buster Mode
  • 1x Strike Freedom
  • 1x Gaiking the Great
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