Monster (18)

Elemental Hero Captain Gold 3x

Meklord Army of Granel 3x

Meklord Army of Skiel 3x

Meklord Army of Wisel 3x

Meklord Emperor Granel 3x

Meklord Emperor Wisel 3x

Spell (10)

Limiter Removal 1x

Fortrissmo The Mobile Fortress 2x

Machine Assembly Line 2x

Meklord Fortress 2x

Monster Reborn 1x

Mystical Space Typhoon 1x

Trap (12)

Bottomless Trap Hole 2x

Call of The Haunted 2x

Meklord Factory 3x

Mektimed Blast 2x

Mirror Force 1x

Solemn Judgment 1x

Torrential Tribute 1x

Trap Stun 1x

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