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  • I see you became an admin for this wiki? It's great to see someone that wants to work on this wiki, as I can see from the edit count (that may be large due to deleting all the card pages tho so idk). I am still an admin so I'll help out when I can, and I see your aim was the same one I had when I took over this wiki 4 years ago.

    I hope you'll have more motivation than me, the sheer barren area that is this wiki is the main thing that wore me out before. There isn't really a community here, so much so that it isn't an exaggeration to call us two the only ones here.

    Oh! I checked your adoption on Community Central manually out of curiosity and only just found out that you'd messaged me through that. The message you sent is in the User Talk Archive and I never saw it due to sheer inexperience on this site. I do agree with pretty much everything you said in that message to me in that those things would be the best courses of action, especially deleting the card pages, I recall calling this wiki a "poor man's Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia" in that front page post. Adding a 'how to make pages' would also be a great choice, I see people posting decks on their talk page, in the 'recent' blog posts, and I even remember when I was editing seeing a deck in someone else's deck page.

    I have a few things I'd like to mention though. Most if not all of the decks here are significantly outdated garbage and I would say near unplayable if the recent ruling changes hadn't come around. Additionally, if this site actually ends up getting popular there may also be quite a few duplicate decks from different people. If a deck is way too popular (like a recent meta deck), those duplicates would grow exponentially. The long term likely doesn't matter, but it's just something to think about. (When I say duplicates, I mean decks that are almost the same aside from a few tech options or something).

    ps. nice website pss. you should probably sign that post you put on the front page

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    • Hello GlitchPichu,

      sorry for replying that late, life happened so I had no time to check on the wiki. I am going right back to editing, if you want to do some stuff aswell, feel free to do so.

      I already noticed that most decks on this site are terribly outdated, which is why I planned to give them all categories that sort them by year. This way, you could filter out all the older decks if necessary.

      Let's see how far we get with the wiki. ;)

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