Dark Cards:

Toon Summoned Skull

Swift Gaia The Fierce Knight



Slot Machine

Wall Shadow


Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Dark Magicain x2

Earth Cards:

Rabid Horseman

Black Luster Solider

Sword Hunter

Gaia The Fierce Knight

Battle Ox

Mystic Horseman

Labyrinth Wall

Fire Cards:

Manga Ryu-Ran

Flame Swordsman

Light Cards:

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Kaiser Sea Horse

Paladin Of White Dragin

Blue Eyes Toon Dragon

Water Cards:

Toon Alligator

Ton Mermaid

Trap Cards:

Call Of The Haunted

Spellbinding Circle

Spell Cards:


Pot Of Greed

Tribute To The Doomed

Black Illusion Ritual

White Dragon Ritual

Black Luster Ritual

Toon World

7 Completed

Swords Of Reaviling Light

Block Attack

Monster Reborn


Magical Labyrinth

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