This type of deck, as the name suggests, relies on the "Morphtronic" Archetype. Their low ATK and DEF points allow them to escape "Crush Card Virus", and have countermeasures against spells and traps that destroy them, like "Deck Devastation Virus", "Lightning Vortex" and "Mirror Force". Also, their varying effects allow for (albeit slight) flexible gameplay if used correctly. Also, Spirit Barrier is handy if you have any Morphtronics in Attack Position.

Basically, this deck has the potential to alternate from Burn strategies, OTK strategies, and even to a simple Beatdown strategy just by adding or removing a few key cards.

Boarden OTK

This relatively simple OTK consists of these major cards -Limiter Removal, Morphtronic Radion, Morphtronic Boomboxen, [1]. (you can use any morphtronic ATK increasing cards such as Morphtronic Radion, Morphtronic Map, or Double Tool C&D as long as they can get Morphtronic Boomboxen's ATK over 2000). Boarden allows morphtronics to attack directly, and Boomboxen gets two attacks. The OTK works like this - swarm the field with Boomboxen, Radion, and Boarden, activate Limiter Removal doubling Boomboxen's increased ATK to 4000 or more, and attack twice for game

Boomboxen OTK

You need to have Morphtronic Boomboxen and Morphtronic Boarden on the field with two Limiter Removals facedown. Activate your two Limiter Removals to double their strength two times. Boardens ability in attack mode let you attack directly with both monsters.Boomboxen can attack twice in attack mode. 4800+4800+2000=11600

Limiter Removal is Limited,just equip Double Tool C&D to morphtronic boomboxen and have morphtronic Boarden on the field and attack with limiter removal.

Morphtronic Burn

Morphtronic Datatron and Morphtronic Clocken are key cards to this type of build. Other common burn cards, like Cannon Soldier or Solar Flare Dragon can increase this decks strength too. The idea is mainly to swarm with celfon, do damage with datatron and clocken, and protect with magnen, boomboxen, cameran, and boarden. Morphtronic Monitron and Morphtronic Bind are invaluable cards for this deck. Morphtronic Rusty Engine can inflict more damage. Morphtronic Cord and Morphtronic Slingen are also recommended because if you're not attacking to destroy, than you have to destroy cards another way. Since Clocken puts tremendous pressure on your opponent to destroy it fast, it will typically be a target of your opponent's removal (They can't get rid of it with monsters due to Morphtronic Bind), Morphtronic Forcefield can counter it.

Power Tool Dragon Morphtronics

The strategy around this build is using Morphtronic Remoten and especially Morphtronic Scopen to synchro summon Power Tool Dragon and use his effect to add equip spell cards to your hand to power up your monsters while taking cards directly out of your deck to increase the chances of drawing other wanted cards. 5-7 Equip Spells are recommended because and less and you won't be able to use Power Tool Dragon to it's full potential and any more and you'll make it easier to draw Dead Draws in mid-game.


Morphtronic Deck

Extra Deck

Power Tool Dragon x2 x3

Goyo Guardian x1

Thought Ruler Archfiend x2

Stardust Dragon x2


Morphtronic slingen x2

Morphtronic remoten x2 x3

Morphtronic scopen x3

Morphtronic radion x2 x3

Morphtronic boomboxen x1

Morphtronic Boarden x3

Morphtronic Cameran x2

Morphtronic Celfon x3

Morphtronic Videon x3

Morphtronic Datatron x1

Morphtronic Clocken x2


Morphtronic Monitron x2

Morphtronic Bind x2

Morphtransition x3

Morphtronic OTK Synchro Deck




Extra Deck

Side Deck

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