This is the third deck that I am posting. This one is going to be updated soon, but I want to see whether or not anyone has any advice for the deck at this moment. I will edit the deck when The Shining Darkness comes out with new cards. Thank you.


Monsters (By attack order)

  • Batteryman D x2
  • Batteryman AA x3
  • Batteryman Micro-Cell x3
  • The Calculator x2
  • Morphine Jar x1
  • Sangan x1
  • Honest x2
  • Batteryman Charger x3
  • Guardian Of Order x1
  • Batteryman Industrial Strength x2


  • Heavy Storm x1
  • Lightning Vortex x1
  • Battery Charger x3
  • Short Circuit x3
  • Inferno Reckless Summon x2


  • Call Of The Haunted x1
  • Gravity Bind x1
  • Dark Bribe x1
  • Bottomless Trap Hole x1
  • Judgment Of Thunder x3
  • Portable Battery Pack x3

Any Advice?

As stated in the introductory paragraph, I know about the new cards coming out, but at the same time...any changes that I should take into consideration?

EDIT: Add The Creator, which is great for Inferno Reckless Summon. Also consider adding The Fountain in the Sky, which is excellent if your Life Points are low.

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