FANDOM 22:49, October 11, 2010 (UTC) By Rick Disaster

I built this deck with the list of september 1st 2010.

Monster Cards (22):

  • 3x Cyber Dragon
  • 3x Cyber Dragon Zwei
  • 2x Cyber Eltanin
  • 3x Machina Fortress
  • 3x Machina Gearframe
  • 1x Machina Force
  • 2x Yellow Gadget
  • 2x Red Gadget
  • 2x Green Gadget
  • 1x Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator

Spell Cards (10):

  • 1x Future Fusion
  • 1x Overload Fusion
  • 1x Limiter Removal
  • 1x Giant Trunade
  • 2x Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 1x Pot of Avarice
  • 1x Monster Reborn
  • 1x Dark Hole
  • 1x Smashing Ground

Trap Cards (8):

  • 1x DNA Surgery
  • 1x Return from the Different Dimension
  • 2x Bottomless Trap Hole
  • 1x Torrential Tribute
  • 1x Mirror Force
  • 1x Call of the Haunted
  • 1x Trap Stun

Extra Deck (10):

  • 3x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
  • 2x Chimeratech Overdragon
  • 1x Cyber Twin Dragon
  • 1x Cyber End Dragon
  • 1x Black Rose Dragon
  • 1x Stardust Dragon
  • 1x Colossal Fighter

With this deck you have multiple ocassions to do an One Turn Kill, but obviously you need the upper hand.

This deck is pretty functional and its "almost" a tournament level, but the truth it still needs to get improved. You can even discard the ally of justice level 3 tuner to put something more useful like card trooper or any other machine-type monster, but that's up to you. And the spell and trap cards are optional as always.

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