Hello everyone. The other day I was observing hereabouts and I wondered: Why anybody is doing a gemini deck? I bought the other day the structure deck 17 and i improve it. This is my deck and I think that is faster than a traditional gemini deck. It combine the powerful tuned magican with Unleashyour power!, super double summon double summon and supervise to make a fast synchro summon in the earlier turns.

Also it has stardust dragon because most of the gemini monsters are level 4.

Comment it please


Monster cards:                                                   Spell cards:                                                          Trap Cards:

-Phoenix Gearfried x1                                         -Super Double Summon x1                                   -Dark bribe x2

-Evocator Chevalier x1                                        -Reinforcement of the army x1                               -Kunai With Chain x1

-Tuned Magican x2                                             -Swing of Memories x1                                         -Magic Jammer x1

-Dark Blade x1                                                   -Double summon x1                                             -Sakuretsu Armor x1

-Dark Valkyria x1                                                -Heavy storm x1                                                  -Justi Break x1

-Future Samurai x1                                             -Polymerization x2                                               -Birthright x1

-Gemini Scorpion x1                                           -Swords of Revealing Light x1                                -Bottomless Trap Hole x1

-D.D. Warrior Lady x1                                         -Lightning Vortex x1                                              Extra Deck:

-Gemini Summoner x1                                        -Burden of the Mighty x1                                       -Black Brutdrago x2

-Blazewing Butterfly x2                                       -Hidden Armory x1                                                -Stardust Dragon x1

-Marauding Captain x1                                        -Silent Doom x1                                                    -Black Rose Dragon x1

-Exiled Force x1                                                 -Supervise x1                                                        -Superalloy Beast Raptinus x2

-Sangan x1                                                        -Unleash Your Power! x2                                        -Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth x1                                       

-Spell Striker x1

-Gemini soldier x2

-Man-Eater Bug x1

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