My Machine Deck is a noob deck. Sorry but it's true.


Normal Monsters:

X-Head Cannon

V-Tiger Jet


Giga-Tech Wolf

Guardian of the Throne Room

Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Effect Monsters:

Sonic Jammer

Mecha-Dog Marron

Green Gadget

Red Gadget

Yellow Gadget

Card Trooper

Proto-Cyber Dragon

Quilbolt Hedgehog

Jinzo #7

Cyber Kirin

Blast Sphere

Cannon Soldier


Red-Eyes B. Metal Dragon

Mechanical Hound

Machine King

Union Monsters:

Y-Dragon Head

Z-Metal Tank

W-Wing Catapult

Armored Cybern

Tuner Monsters:

Road Synchron

Turbo Synchron

Nitro Synchron

Hyper Synchron

Spell Cards:

Double Summon

Giant Trunade


Swords of Revealing Light

Monster Reincarnation

Cost Down

Mystical Space Typhoon


Ring of Defense

Dark Hole

Card Trader


Limiter Removal

Soul Release

Graceful Dice

Trap Cards:

Skull Dce

Magical Arm Shield

Grave Robber

Stronghold the Moving Fortress

Meteor Flare


Magical Cylinder

Sakuretsu Armor

Time Machine

Power Frame

Mirror Force

Negate Attack

Virus Cannon

Spellbinding Circle

Scrap Iron Scarecrow

Extra Deck:

Fusion Monsters:

VW-Tiger Catapult

XY-Dragon Cannon

XYZ-Dragon Cannon

XZ-Tank Cannon

YZ-Tank Dragon

VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon

Labyrinth Tank

Synchro Monsters:

Road Warrior

Turbo Warrior

Nitro Warrior

Stardust Dragon

Power Tool Dragon

XYZ Monsters:

Temtempo the Percussion Djinn

Number 39: Utopia

Number 25: Force Focus

Spare Cards (Just Incase):


Blue Thunder T-45

Reflect Bounder

Robotic Knight

Cosmic Compass

Black Rose Dragon

Gear Gigant X

Double Spell

Machine Conversion Factory


Block Attack

Stop Defense

Fairy Meteor  Crush

Gold Sarcophogus

Jar of Greed

Torrential  Tribute

Starlight Road

White Hole

DNA Surgery



Gravenoober for Free- Play Graverobber and activate Ring of Defense to prevent yourself from taking the 2000 damage Graverobber requires.

4 Card Power Combo- First, activate Limiter Removal, to double all machines attack points, next activate Shrink to halve your opponent's monster's attack, then play Graveful Dice and Skull Dice at the same time.

Opponent can't attack for 5 turns- Use Swords of Revealing Light, on the final turn it's in play, use Giant Trunade to return Swords to your hand, then reuse Swords of Revealing Light

Both Monsters Destroyed- When your opponent uses a monster that is immune to Traps (E.g. Elemental Hero Wildheart) use Power Frame, it won't negate the attack of the monster but your monster will still get the power boost, so both monsters will be destroyed.

More than one way to Synch Road Warrior- Have Road Synchron and a level 4, non-tuner monster on the field (Level 4 specifically, no other level will work), activate Cost Down when you have a level 2 monster in your hand, but don't discard the level 2 monster, Cost Down will turn the level 2 non-tuner monster in your hand into a level 0 monster, since Road Warrior needs 2 non-Tuner monsters, the levels will equal 8 (4 from Road Synchron, 4 from the other monster and 0 from the monster in your hand).

1000 damage without triggering traps- Have Jinzo #7 and Cannon Soldier on the field, Jinzo #7 can attack an opponent directly, so use Jinzo #7's effect to attack the opponent directly, then tribute Jinzo #7 for Cannon Soldier's effect, which inflicts a further 500 damage.

Cannon Soldier bonus powers- There are several monsters in this deck that gain an additional ability by removing it from the field, these monsters are Card Trooper (Draw a card), Mecha-Dog Marron (1000 Damage), Jinzo (Use Trap cards) etc.

Cyber Kirin's protection- Cyber Kirin can prevent you from taking damage from 2 cards in the deck, these cards are Graverobber and Mecha-Dog Marron.

Hyper Synchron Problem Solved- If you use Hyper Synchron to Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon, then Stardust will get a power boost, but will also be destroyed at the end phase, however, by playing Dark Hole, you can negate it with Stardust Dragon to bring it back at the end phase, before Hyper Synchron's effect destroys it.

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