Rockstone warrior

Mind protector

Mind master

Alien Kid

Genetic woman

Reneforced human physic borg

Alien warrior


Cosmic horror Gangi'el

Magician of faith

Physic emporer

needle burrower

physic snail

armored axon kicker NO SYNSROS


emegency assistance

psi station

leccing the light {my bro has twilight deck so i use the against him}

Prevention star

telekenetic charging cell

mysterious triangle

brain research lab

physic path

cup of ace

hidden armory


Slip of fortune

Psychic soul

Psi curse

chatonian blast

orbital bombardment

battle mania

planet pollutant virus

physical double

alien brain


Damage translation

metalphysical regeneration

inverse universe

miracle locus {cus i need a miracle to beat my bro}

trap stun {damn sakuretsu armors}

widespread ruin

comments below the line ill post my bros deck when hes slepping

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